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Throne of Blood (1957)

A war-hardened general, egged on by his ambitious wife, works to fulfill a prophecy that he would become lord of Spider's Web Castle.

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The Synopsis for Throne of Blood (1957) 720p

After securing a major victory on the battlefield, Taketoti Washizu and one of his commanders, Yoshiaki Miki, find themselves lost in the maze-like Spider's Web forest. They come across a spirit-like seer who tells them of their future: both have been promoted because of their victory that day; Washizu will someday be the Great Lord of the Spider's Web castle while Miki's son will someday rule as Great Lord as well. When they arrive at the castle, they learn that the first part of the prophecy is correct. Washizu has no desire to become Great Lord but his ambitious wife urges him to reconsider. When the current Great Lord makes a surprise visit to his garrison outpost, Washizu is again promoted to commander of his vanguard but his wife reminds him of the danger that comes with the position. As pressure mounts, Wahizu takes action leading to its inevitable conclusion.

The Director and Players for Throne of Blood (1957) 720p

[Director]Akira Kurosawa
[Role:]Toshir? Mifune
[Role:]Isuzu Yamada
[Role:]Minoru Chiaki

The Reviews for Throne of Blood (1957) 720p

Macbeth's Version in Japanese Fields - Another Masterpiece of Akira KurosawaReviewed byClaudio CarvalhoVote: 10/10

In the Sixteenth Century in Japan, the brave generals Taketori Washizu (Toshir? Mifune) and Yoshiaki Miki (Minoru Chiaki) are invited to visit their lord in his castle after a battle wined by them against a traitor general. In the way to the castle, they meet in the forest an evil spirit that foresees their future from the bottom of their hearts, with Washizu being the lord of an important mansion in the fields of their lord, Miki the commander of the First Fortress and Miki's son the successor of Washizu. When they meet their master, the first part of the prophecy comes true for Washizu and Miki. However, the wife of Washizu poisons his heart with calumnies and malicious feelings against the lord and Miki. Washizu kills them both, becoming the new lord of the Spider's Web Castle, but tormented by his guilty and afraid of his future.

"Kumonosu J?" is another masterpiece of Akira Kurosawa, indeed a version of Shakespeare's Macbeth play brilliantly transposed to the scenario of the feudalistic Japan of the Sixteenth Century. The shootings and the cinematography are very impressive even in the present days, and the performances are outstanding, highlighting Toshir? Mifune in the role of a strong warrior in the battlefields, but weak in front of his venomous and ambitious wife. The sequence with the arrows in the end of the story is amazingly perfect. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Trono Manchado de Sangue" ("Throne Stained by Blood")

Haunting slug-paced KurusawaReviewed bypeapulationVote: 6/10

Macbeth is a haunting play, and Kurusawa is always such an interesting character to make Japanese recreations of his work. Of course, in the process, he does change them a bit, creating something that is not Shakespearian anymore: it's Kurusawa. Some themes are altered, mostly thanks to the images that Kurusawa takes his time to study.

Here, however there is a problem. It is quite lengthy. It's almost forgivable, because Kurusawa really sets the dark mood to a point when it becomes unbearable: it's so haunting that you almost feel sick. Mifune is incredible, his performance as Washizu, the loyal warrior who kills the king to take over his throne. It's excellent whether you know Japanese or not. I didn't really like the other performances, however, they were all pretty cartoonish and at that, static and monotoned. Again, I must say, though, that Mifune does a great job because he has got an evil face.

The cinematography is overwhelming. The emptiness of the rooms, the majesty of the noble samurais, and the mystique of the sinister and magical characters and plot developments. The apparitions are quite admirable. The second time he sees the witch, the apparitions become scary. The way people appear and reappear: it's all mad, and you can understand why Washizu has become insane. And in the scene where, during a dinner where Miki was invited, but had been killed, Washizu sees his ghost, and it's an unnatural vision that is edited excellently on the spot. The camera moves around the set as it we were following Washizu's own destructions at the end of all that is evil, and himself.

As I said, the photography is beautiful, and overwhelming. And example of this is when Asaji, now collapsed under the pressure of 'the deed', keeps scrubbing her hands because she can't get rid of the smell of his Lordship's blood off them. It's a very dramatic sequence, made even more dramatic by Mifune's brilliant performance, particularly when he hopelessly calls out her name. It is the prelude of the end here isn't Throne of Blood, whereas in Macbeth by Sakespeare, it's a secondary even that almost comes as a relief to Macbeth.

The film drags on a little too much is a few sequences. The dialog is repetitive, and sometimes that can be frustrating. This happens quite a lot when Washizu and Asaji talk about the reasons why he should kill his Lordship. This is the only point where Kurusawa heavily relies on dialog, and it's a misstep.

WATCH FOR THE MOMENT - Miki's apparition at Wasizu's dinner. His public breakdown. The clear beginning of his insanity and self-destruction. And Kurusawa's brilliant camera-work, aided by a great Mifune.

Haunting Mood and ImageryReviewed byLeonLouisRicciVote: 7/10

Director Kurosawa is a Visual Master. The Images in His Films remind of Kubrick. Its no wonder that Stills from Their Movies look like Great Photographs, because that's what they are. They just Move on the Movie Screen, but when Isolated they alone are Masterpieces.

Here is a Japanese retelling of Macbeth. There is quite a Haunt to this Movie and in its Creepiness manages to Embody the Horror Tale. Striking in its Simplicity, yet it Gloms on to the Imagination and won't let go. The Dialog here is Sparse and that does not bode well for the Shakespeare Play but this is Cinema, Magnificently Pure and Simple.

Do not expect Epic Battles, so well Associated with the Director or Samurai Sword Fights. This is all Mood and Character, with the Cinematography Proudly Portraying one of the most Important Characters. Even Kurosawa Fans must admit this is not his most Inspiring Film and not as easily accepted by a Wide Audience like some of His other Great Movies (The Seven Samurai (1954) or Ran (1985).

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