The Fugitive (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Fugitive (1993) 1080p

Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt lead by a seasoned US Marshall.

IMDB: 7.84 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 130
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 
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The Synopsis for The Fugitive (1993) 1080p

A well respected Chicago surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble has found out that his wife, Helen, has been murdered ferociously in her own home. The police found Kimble and accused him of the murder. Then, Kimble (without Justifiable Reason) was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. However, on the way to prison, Kimble's transport crashed. Kimble escapes and is now on the run. Deputy Samuel Gerard from Chicago takes charge of the chase of Kimble. Meanwhile, Kimble takes up his own investigation to find who really killed his wife, and to lure Gerard and his team into it as well.

The Director and Players for The Fugitive (1993) 1080p

[Director]Andrew Davis
[Role:]Sela Ward
[Role:]Tommy Lee Jones
[Role:]Harrison Ford

The Reviews for The Fugitive (1993) 1080p

Great thrillerReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 8/10

Harrison Ford is "The Fugitive" in this 1993 version of the popular television series. The film also stars Tommy Lee Jones as Gerard, Sela Ward, Julianne Moore and Joe Pantoliano. For you young 'uns out there, "The Fugitive" TV show starring David Janssen was based on the 1954 Sam Sheppard case, the subject itself of 10 books and two movies. Dr. Sheppard. accused of murdering his wife, claimed to have seen a "bushy-haired man" at the scene. It was a landmark case, resulting in the creation of the "change of venue" motion.

The film "The Fugitive" keeps the basics: Dr. Richard Kimble, en route to prison to await execution for the murder of his wife (Ward), escapes after a terrible accident. On his trail from the beginning is a U.S. Marshall, Sam Gerard. Both men have way above average intelligence, so while Gerard is able to get close, Kimble always eludes him. After stealing clothes, shaving his beard and dying his hair, Kimble goes to the hospital where he worked and gets into the computer database to find the one-armed man. He knows he injured the man's arm in a fight, and repair of the arm would have necessitated a visit.

This is a real on the edge of your seat thriller, with an absolutely spectacular beginning sequence that grabs the audience and doesn't let go. In the TV series, the one-armed man is an intruder; here, a different storyline has been added, and it's quite good. One of my favorite parts occurs when Kimble, disguised as a janitor at the hospital, overhears an incorrect diagnosis for a young boy. Because the ER is so busy and there is no one available, he's asked to take the child to another floor. While doing so, he conducts his own quick examination and writes a change of orders; the boy ends up in surgery. The OR doc (Moore) catches Kimble looking at the child's x-ray, and when she learns the boy never arrived at his destination, alerts security. Gerard asks her later, "What happened to the boy?" "He saved his life," Moore says.

Both Ford and Jones are at the top of their games and very well matched, Jones bringing a lot of humor to his role as the determined Gerard. Ford looks a little like the Ape Man in the beginning with all the facial hair; as Kimble, he's sympathetic and his desperation and determination are more internalized than Gerard's.

It wasn't until 1998 that DNA evidence finally exonerated Sheppard, who was released in 1966 after a retrial (in the original trial, the judge told reporter Dorothy Kilgallen that Sheppard was guilty). Sheppard died in 1970, his life ruined. Fifty years after the case, it continues to influence courtroom proceedings and inspire books and films. This "Fugitive" is particularly excellent.

Great Action Thriller starring Harrison FordReviewed bymarcus aurelisVote: 8/10

The Fugitive is a complex thriller with every detail playing a significant role in the outcome of the movie. It's the story of a conspiracy surrounding Dr. Richard Kimble, a surgeon who is on the run while U.S Marshal Samuel Gerard tries to find an explanation of why Kimble was framed for the murder of his wife. The movie has a sticking nature to it, every detail in the actors face will prove that Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones deserve every praise they have received for their performance.

Based on the 1960's Television series, this movie does not disappoint. It makes the watcher want to go back and view the original series to see how it compares.

Chase Movie That Often Jumps The SharkReviewed byTheo RobertsonVote: 6/10

Seeing the Nick Love big screen version of THE SWEENEY I was struck as to how cynical the marketing was . It could be any high octane thriller set around a bunch of bank robbers in London with a crime squad led by a rough diamond cop trying to bring the crooks to book . In other words it's simply called THE SWEENEY because it's got a ready made market for people who fondly remember the original TV show . This is pre-dated by this big screen version of the television show of THE FUGITIVE which features Harrison Ford playing a character called Dr Richard Kimble being pursued by a cop called Gerard in a film that is nothing more than a cynical exercise in trying to cash in on a half remembered TV show from yesteryear . That is not to say it's a bad film as such but anyone expecting anything along the lines of the TV original won't recognise this film as sharing anything in common with the David Janssen series

As it stands if you like loud , brash , action packed muliplex entertainment then you'll certainly enjoy this movie . The downside is that you have to take the rough with the smooth and this comes in the form of plot contrivance . Interestingly the original court case is skated over and the audience never given a reason why Kimble is found guilty of the murder of his wife . Of course sharing the name of the TV series THE FUGITIVE and a character played by Harrison Ford in 1993 the audience know Kimble must be innocent but even so the evidence must have been rather damning . Being a contrived plot means that in order for the story to progress more and more ludicrous things involving good luck/bad luck has to happen which strains credibility when you stop to think about anything . The shark is well and truly jumped relatively early in the film where Kimble takes a dive of a dam falling several hundred feet in to a waterfall which must contain several thousand tons of water and surviving

This sequence ties in with the protagonist's nemesis US Marshall Samuel Gerard who has the almostsupernatural ability to be one step ahead of the other characters . Kimble disappears in a blocked off tunnel ? He's obviously escaped down a drain . He jumps off the top of a dam ? He's obviously survived the fall . He looks through some garbage and concludes Kimble is using a false ID One almost hopes Gerard does something credible such as throw his hands up and say " Hey guys the trail has gone cold " but I guess that would mean less tension and excitement in a film that merely exists to wretch up tension and excitement to a multiplex audience . A fact reflected in its massive box office takings

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