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Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

During WW2 in North Africa, a medical field unit must cross the desert in their ambulance in order to reach the British lines in Alexandria.

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The Synopsis for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

A group of army personnel and nurses attempt a dangerous and arduous trek across the deserts of North Africa during the second world war. The leader of the team dreams of his ice cold beer when he reaches Alexandria, but the problems just won't go away.

The Director and Players for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

[Director]J. Lee Thompson
[Role:]John Mills
[Role:]Sylvia Syms
[Role:]Anthony Quayle

The Reviews for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

Reviewed byM PerryVote: /10

Ice Cold in Alex used to show up on the late show on CBC years ago, and ithasalso been on some of the cable channels. It gets better with eachviewing.When the subject of war movies comes up, I always tell people this is myfavourite war movie, and, in my opinion, one of the best - and usuallyget ablanklook. They recognize the cast when I list them, though. And it is a greatcast -Mills, Andrews, Quayle. And I am totally in love with Sylvia Sims in this.(Iguess I must have a thing for beautiful women, with no makeup, sweating inkhakis. I loved Juliette Binoche in Canadian battledress in The EnglishPatient,too - but I digress).

This is simply good storytelling and great character drama in a settingthattests character, with an authentic look and feel and superb B&Wphotographyofthe kind that distinguished so many post-war 'neo-realist'films.There are so many great moments such as van der Poel lifting theambulance,the'surprise' encounter with the SAS (?) man, the Blimpish officer'sencounterwithan 88-mm shell in his Humber staff car, Mill's moments of crisis, stunningcloseups of Sylvia Sims, and and especially that moment in the bar whichmakesyou want to run out for a tall frosty one. Next time I view it, I willindeed have acold Carlsberg waiting in the fridge. Years ago, I was sailing across LakeWinnipeg to Gimli on a slow, hot July day, with little wind, I promisedwewouldenjoy beer and pizza when we finally made it to harbour, and I wasthinkingofthis movie.

I am also a bit of a military vehicle buff, and I like this movie forthat,too - forme, the ambulance - I think it's an Morris-Commecial CS11/30F, or maybe aFord WOT2, but I'd have to see the movie again to be sure - is also oneofthestars. Cranking-up-the-sand-dune is probably my favourite scene with it.TheWages of Fear /Scorcerer comes to mind as a comparablevehicle-as-charactermovie.

Vehicle buffs will also enjoy the anachronism of seeing a Land Roverparkedonthe street in the background of the final shot - the car wasn't inproduction until1947.

A memorable classic, with great cast and great locations.Reviewed bycjlandonVote: 10/10

I must confess to being biased towards this film, as I am a grandson of the author and screenwriter. It is extremely pleasing to read that this film has given a lot of pleasure to many who have seen it. Why I think the film succeeds is because it was written by a man who took part in the North African campaign, as a doctor in the RAMC, who had to deal with the human cost of war. People, and how they cope with adversity, is often more interesting than depicting warfare itself. This makes it an unusual war film for the time, to say the least. The character of Captain Anson, so ably played by John Mills, is telling for me as my grandfather sadly did have an alcohol problem later in life. On a lighter note, the terrific final scene in the bar has an amusing story attached to it - apparently, the scene had to be shot five or six times, and as nothing else looked like beer in a glass than, well, beer, poor John Mills had to keep knocking back the beers until the scene was "in the can"!

Personal review of "Ice Cold In Alex"Reviewed byterencelucas-268-639583Vote: 7/10

I read a review that made me join IMDb and post "this" review. My brother and I absolutely LOVE this movie. We have "Movie" nights at home in Sydney, Australia. Some of the classics like "Ice Cold In Alex" aka "Desert Attack". We also love old war movies like "The Long and The Short And The Tall", "The Hill", "Yesterdays Enemy"..just to name a few. You should see My brother and I watching the part of "Ice Cold In Alex" where Captain Van Der Pol is in desperate we are on the edge of our seats...every time we watch it! And the end where they cheers, in the Canopus bar, My brother and I always put down our glasses at exactly the same time as Anson does....get a life I can hear you we love it. The atmosphere is brilliant, the acting superb and the story line well it's one of the best. I've personally watched Ice Cold In Alex about 30 times and I'll never stop watching it. Do yourself a favor check this one can't go wrong. Enjoy!! Terry

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